Claudia Halip
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Every second, after it has passed, becomes a memory. Time is constantly drifting away. It doesn’t go back and nobody can stop it. This is why every moment of our lives matter and must be cherished so that its’ memory will make the story that we call life more beautiful. For all the special moments in our lives, we have photography. Photography is the art that brings shape to our memories, immortalizing every moment for a future made out of the present that has passed.
A good photo is that which interests the eyes, stimulates the mind which brings you back in time and makes the heart pound as it relives the event. A good photographer is the one who manages to capture, in a second, all the emotions of an event.

Every person has a personal story and my wish is to bring shape and color to your story and my 9 years experience in photography sustains my professionalism. I have traveled all around the world as a freelance Romanian photographer and no project is too big for me, as difficult as it may seem. I believe in my passion and in the happiness I bring to a person as they relive a memory through my photos.
My expertise is wedding photography, which continues to fascinate me because of the huge number of feelings and emotions that gather at such a beautiful event.

We often find that words aren’t enough and that a photo can express more than a 1000 words could ever begin to describe. A good photographer distinguishes himself when his work speaks for him.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I LOVE photographing weddings and always tell people that I have the best job.
Every wedding I photograph is a privilege. I am inspired by the emotion, beauty and details of your wedding day.